Bookish Journal Updates: Movies, drawings, and more!

Hello everyone! I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but I have a Bookish journal! I draw, record, and stick in anything bookish related. My journal isn’t quite like the bullet journals you see up on Tumblr and Pinterest, it’s actually rather personal. I don’t use it to organize or plan out my day or anything, I just write and draw whatever I want whenever I want! It’s a random piece of junk, really.. but if you’re really keen on knowing what I do in it, then read on ~

(This isn’t my first page. I’m only showing the contents of my journal starting from when I started getting REALLY into journaling)



Here’s what I did when I finished read The Lunar Chronicles. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for DAYS so I decided to dedicate a page or two (still not sure what to add in the second page… quotes maybe?) to the whole series. I loved the characters so I drew Chibi versions of them!



Here’s one I did quite a while ago! (Following page will be presented in the following picture) The Night Circus turned out to be one of my favorite novels of 2015 and I was in the mood to do a little drawing that night during New Year’s Eve! If you can’t tell, the reddish banner says ‘THE CIRCUS COMES WITHOUT WARNING’ and I was pretty upset with how it turned out because it looks like a slobbering mess /sobs (plus what is with that clock tho?)



If you can’t tell the characters of the novel left quite a mark on me! I love Marco and Celia so I decided to draw my best interpretation of both of them. I drew them as doll-like figures to give off a mysterious/fantastical vibe to reflect the magical aspects of the novel!



Here’s my January wrap up! As you can see the red stars smudged the page before it *sigh* but I like how it looked! Highlight of January for me was Cress by Marissa Meyer, so I drew Cress and Thorne.



March anticipated releases! Not much to say about this page except how peculiar my 2016 looks??



I adore this page because I can always look back to it and it reminds me of some of the most well-made films ever. Studio Ghibli movies are my favorite and this page doesn’t do my love for Miyazaki’s productions justice. I’m not sure how I ended up somehow shading the colors into the drawings but I ended up really liking it! It really makes the pictures ‘pop’.



If you recognize which films these images are from individually you are officially my best friend 😉



More wrap ups! Not much difference except I toned down on the red stars. Also I put up little notes like ‘You can do better’ to motivate myself to read more in the upcoming months!



May was such a hectic month for me, but I read some good books! I’ll probably add in June, July and August’s wrap up on this page.



If you haven’t figure it out already, you can tell that I draw/write in whatever I obsess over. And that’s what I like about my journal, actually. It’s got lots of personality and it’s loads of fun to go back and look through what I did. I watched Ponyo during my term break and I loved it! I have a short discussion/review of it here. I wrote a few of my favorite quotes and drew the characters in and I had so much fun doing it!



This page took quite a lot of effort but it was worth it! You can see eraser markings because honestly stick figures aren’t as easy to draw if you’re an amateur like me! I wrote in the whole poem from the novel And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie (follow through on the next picture for the rest of it) and drew illustrations to present each stanza. I enjoyed the book and thought it’d be fun to do something AC related in my journal! I also drew an outline of the house the story took place in. I have a review of the novel here.



I was exhausted by the end of the poem. The last line was rushed but I like how everything turned out.



I tried a little bit of Calligraphy over the weekend! It was a lot of fun experimenting on new fonts. I should do this more often!



I watched The Garden of Words by Makato Shinkai and I made a dedication page of the film the following day. I have mixed feelings about it, but I loved the animation and the use of Japanese Literature in the film.



I glued two pages together and made it a little pocket where I can fill my bookmarks! I got this idea from Whittynovels on Youtube where she taped two pages together and made it a pocket where she filled Christmas cards!



I glued a ziplock bag I received from an online store for ordering some of their stuff and filled it with ‘unexpected mails’. I got quite a few in the past month and thought it’d be memorable to put it in my Journal where i can just slip it out of the bag and read through my letters ❤



Here’s one I got just yesterday! I literally squealed when I opened the letter.

That’s the end of my little Journal update! I’ll probably do these every month or so, depending on how much I intend on filling my journal with more random stuff. I hope you guys enjoyed my little flip through!






  1. FaebulousBooks

    Love this! I keep a book journal too but it’s mostly notes for reviews. I might start adding a few doodles now too! 🙂


  2. Cait @ Paper Fury

    Oh oh your journal is SO CUTE!! AND CREATIVE AHHH!! I always have wanted to journal but I’m honestly very lazy and never think to keep something like this up. XD But I love your little drawings and your calligraphy is gorgeous (and also your handwriting is super nice too!!).
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


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