Bookish Journal Updates #4: Finishing My First Journal!

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since my last journal update. I’ve finished my very first journal just before my term break started and i’m so happy with it! It’s FULL of little goodies and trinkets and I love how I can always look back to it ❤


I’ve gotten myself a new journal and i’m almost finished with that too ^^’ but anyways I really wanted to show you guys what I’ve been doing in my journal ever since my last journal update so here it is! I’ll be doing a separate journal update for my new journal so stay tuned for that 🙂


If you guys recall, I did a Studio Ghibli dedication page similar to this but minus the quotes! Plus the theme of this was ‘Strong protagonists’. I made this page in honor of being part of LitWithoutLimits, a non-profit organization that brings about literature to girls


I saw people drawing book spines on their journals and I loved the idea of it! So here’s what I did 🙂 it’s sort of a bookish representation of my life basically haha XD

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I did a spread for my July favorites! It was my very first monthly favorites spread and I had so much fun doing it! I have a post of my July favorites here 🙂

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Here’s what I call a Music entry! I was obsessed with this one Post Modern Jukebox song so I decided to write down the lyrics on my journal (while listening to it of course 😉 ).

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This was my very first Diary entry (I talked all about it here!) and I laugh at it everytime I go back and re-read it. I talked about what happened during the release date of The Cursed Child and how lots of HP fans gathered in my local Big W just to get their hands on the beauty. It was such a thrilling day!

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Another diary entry! (The following posts will be more diary entries actually ^^’) This one was about an anime film I stumbled upon in which I ended up really liking! It’s called The Boy and The Beast and it’s about this boy who enters a whole new world filled with monsters and how he learns to adapt and train with them! I was also having a really rough day, so I talked about trying to be more positive. 🙂

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Here’s an entry I did when I started writing again and visited some thrift stores that are near me! It might not be an interesting topic to you guys but writing this was really therapeutic for me and I had a blast that day! 😀

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A mini review I did on The Cursed Child! I ended up really liking it despite the mixed reviews. I gave it a solid 4/5 stars! (Scorpius is such a kid omg

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 4.49.21 PM.png

This was very delayed but I couldn’t think of a way to decorate an ACOTAR/ACOOMAF themed page! So I decided to write a quote that means a bit too much to me


Oooh I love this page! XD I wrote this entry whilst in a coffee shop and the surrounding ambiance was amaaaazing and I guess I got a bit too giddy when I wrote this haha! I wish I have the time to just go out and write in a cafe. The placed served tasty hot chocolate too!


It’s Teto!


Alright guys so for Psychology class that day we had this mini activity where you count the name of your vowels, do a little bit of math with it and you end up with a single digit number that determines your personality. I got the number ‘6’ (which happens to be a favorite number of mine!) and this is my personality! It’s quite scarily accurate actually, so I decided to jot that down in my journal! 🙂

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I was asked by Haley (Founder of LitWithoutLimits) what reading means to me and I’ve actually never given it much thought! So I started out not knowing what to say to her and then I talked about Roald Dahl’s books and how it got me into reading and from there I just started rambling haha (sorry Haley! XD ) But anyways I wrote my answer down in my journal because I feel like reading and books are now such big parts of my life now ❤

//something a little extra (what’s behind the Penguin Random House card?)



Music entry part 2! Chicago’s Cell Block Tango is amazing! The performance, dancing, the lyrics, everything! I wasn’t sure what I was going for when I did this entry but I love how it turned out! I was thinking of coloring in the rose but I never got around to it ^^’


Ahhh I remembered how super excited I was to be able to receive a hardback copy of The Return of The Young Prince! The Little Prince is such an amazing book (and film!) and to have the opportunity to read and review the sequel was such an honor! I have a review of it here 🙂


This one was pretty random. I wrote about a horrible test score I received that day so I drew a bunch of cute chibi characters and motivational quotes to cheer myself up 🙂 the cutouts were from a magazine I got during a Uni open day and the page coincidentally had a blue theme and I ended up really liking how it turned out XD


This entry was an excuse to use the flowers I picked up that morning XD So it doesn’t really mean much.


A Hamilton entry! This one’s for the song ‘Alexander Hamilton’! I’m not a crazy fan or anything but the song was really catchy so I decided to write down the lyrics in my journal. The paper note is actually my sister’s – I thought it matched Hamilton perfectly!


An entry I did when my Bookstagram reached 10K followers! I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t not write something in my journal! Also I finished an Anime film (Colorful) that day and I LOVED it! The quote on the right is from the movie ❤


Another entry that has to do with being positive! I received cards from a company called Little City Love and they’re all so inspiring, and they’re all beautiful ❤


Second monthly favorites entry! This one was for August


Oh my goodness Death Note was my very first Anime series (and it’s what got me into Anime shows!) and I was completely obsessed. After about ten episodes in I knew I had to write about it in my journal. So this was what I did! Ryuk is my favorite and I love L and Light ❤


So I received this note from a friend of mine (all because I got her a cupcake! How sweet is that? [no pun intended :lol:] ) Of course, I had to glue it in my journal. Plus, it’s HP themed! How could I not?


This entry was dedicated to an old man I talked to in an age care centre. The stories he told me taught me so much. I won’t go into detail, but he’s been through a lot and I respect him for it.


Remember when I saw I loved Teto? Well my sister surprised me by having someone draw me an art of Teto! The artist also included a super sweet message and a beautiful origami crane


This entry was inspired by The Little Prince and The Return of The Young Prince! The books had so much impact on meI couldn’t help but do a dedication page for both books.


Aaaand that’s a wrap! I couldn’t think of a way to end the journal so this was what I did! I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my journal entries 🙂 I’m really sorry it’s way too long! I would very much recommend all of you to start journaling as well! Imagine all the stories you collect when you journal! 😀

Anyways, thanks again for visiting! Stay tune for more Journal updates!


  1. Holly

    I absolutely adore your journal! I’ve written in a journal for years, but mine doesn’t look artistic or anything– it’s literally just me writing. I would love to try making one like yours!
    Thanks so much for sharing pics! ❤

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