Book Review: Love Voltaire Us Apart by Julia Edelman

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Title: Love Voltaire Us Apart

Author: Julia Edelman/Hallie Bateman (illustrator)

Rating: 4/5 mixtapes

Release date: October 26th 2016

Publisher: Icon Books

Goodreads’ Synopsis:

Love Voltaire Us Apart is a hilarious spoof relationship guide with a philosophical edge, made up of philosophers’ love letters, advice columns and breakup letters.

From Confucius learning the Golden Rules of dating to Simone de Beauvoir considering bangs after breaking up with Jean-Paul Sartre, comedy writer Julia Edelman views the love lives of prominent philosophers through a clever and contemporary lens. She points out that Margaret Fuller is the “Carrie” of transcendentalism, and Nietzsche will always find a way to make a bad breakup infinitely worse.

“Getting Meta(Physical)—Who is Your Philosopher Crush?” is the only quiz you’ll need to find your soul mate, and “How To Know if Your Man is Writing a Manifesto” will show you how to avoid losing your relationship to imminent revolution.


This was such an interesting read for me! I rarely ever read non-fiction, much less a (Philosopher’s) guidebook to relationships and whatnot. I went into this book completely oblivious to what it really is about and only with the knowledge of how gorgeous both the illustrations and cover were (kudos to the illustrator Hallie Bateman!).

Read it in a few hours. Loved it. I don’t quite get the references made in the book but the jokes were on point. So much wit and sass. I sure wished I was more into Philosophy, then I’d understand the inside jokes better. Otherwise, it was highly enjoyable. I swear I had a earned a few glaring eyes when I started cackling loudly from reading one of Voltaire’s break-up letters. Genius. I’d totally use that to my advantage whenever needed (i’m kidding, i’m kidding!)

Also can we please appreciate the exquisite illustrations. I know they were meant to be humorous but I’ve never seen drawings quite like these in books. Ever. It’s quirky, unique and it has this slight edge to it. It might look grim and dark to a reader but light and funny to another. Either way, it contributes so much to the book. I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much if the illustrations weren’t included.

Overall a very quick, fun and pleasant read. Take this out with you for coffee or a short lunch break. It makes the perfect date.

Thank you to Icon Books for sending this book over in exchange for an honest review!


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