Journal Updates #6 [KPOP, ANIME, BOOKS ♡ ]

Hello beautiful people ❤ I’m back with another Journal update! I love doing these because I get to share my adventures and memories with you guys and it’s just really fun doing them! I’ve nineteen entries to show y’all, most of them are (as you can tell by the title) Kpop, anime or bookish related so you’ve been warned! I’m indeed obsessed with all three so my journal is always full of them 😛

Also, if you guys like my journal updates do let me know! I really want to do a flip through on my Instagram so if you’re interested in that or other Journaling related blog posts, make sure to leave a comment telling me what kinds of posts you want to see from me!

Now let’s jump straight into the journal entries!


As you guys know I love doing music lyrics entries like these. Blood Sweat and Tears by BTS is possibly my favorite BTS song of all time so of course I had to write them down in my journal (both in Korean romanization and English XD ).


A friend in school recommended the Anime ‘Orange’ to me and I fell absolutely in love with it!! ❤ I couldn’t help but write a journal entry of my thoughts and feelings. I really recommend you giving this Anime a watch! I’m hoping to read the Manga as well because people say it’s MUCH better than the Anime, but we’ll see 😉


I personally love this entry ❤ I wrote about an Anime I watched called Your Lie in April and how beautiful it was ;-; I found the Anime by accident and instantly fell in love with the art, music and the story 😮 The piece of cake I drew is dedicated to Kaori ❤


I wrote this when I was under a lot of stress so please excuse how angsty it looks ^^’ I’d like to keep my journal lively and cheery but from time to time I like to write out my feelings just to calm myself down a little.


My first ever Halloween entry and I LOVE how it turned out!! Ten points to anyone who knows the title to the lyrics written above 😉


A journal entry dedicated to the wondrous book that is Nevernight 😈 I LOVED Nevernight (you can check out my long review here) and I had a mini hangover after I finished the book so an entry just had to happen!


Post-exams week! Flowers always bring me peace so I drew one to allow myself to relax and prepare for my exams the coming week. As you can tell, I write to de-stress myself, and sometimes when exams are right around the corner the pressure can be a bit too overwhelming ^^’


End of month entry 🐻 It was nearing Summer where I live but I couldn’t help with make it Autumnal themed. I drew the main characters of each anime I watched in the month of October so what I did was I taped one side of a paper down  to be able to draw on both sides! My favorite anime by far is Kimi No Na Wa (I know it’s pretty overrated at the moment but iT’S AMAZING OKAY?!)

j11.jpgProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset

I think all bookworms can agree that bookmail is the best kind of mail ❤ I always write a journal entry whenever I receive bookmail, and these were the books I got on different days of the same week. I’m always so grateful to the authors/publishers for sending me their books, so I make sure to keep the papers they sent me so I can use them for my journal ^^’


I did a thing XD I follow lots of artists on Instagram and they inspire me so much to start drawing, and I did! I drew BTS’ Jin and even if it looks horrible to you guys, I was super proud of it 😆 I’m definitely no pro, but I find it really relaxing to draw and I wish to improve, so I’ve been drawing more often now 🙂


I was super obsessed with Tonari No-Kaibutsu-kun at one point (still kinda am actually ^^’ ) so I made a rendition of Shizuku looking all dramatic paired up with blackout poetry!

She was out for an eternity. 

He puts her hand on the wound, 

for a few moments 

he pleads

"Stop, stop!"

leans down 

and grabs her face.

They  drag him away

to kill him.

She watches for another moment

 before turning back

It doesn’t make any sense but hey I had fun doing this XD


I like to do a week in the life update from time to time (if my week happens to be interesting, that is XD ) and the week before I flew back home I received a box full of books (which rarely happens), found an art journal I could use to draw anything I want in it and received good grades. T’was a good week ❤


I didn’t have time to do write out lyrics to a song so I made a list of the songs I recently discovered and fell in love with 🙂


I wrote about a Japanese phrase I’ve been using to power through the last remaining weeks of school and plans for my holiday (hint: the illustration 🐱 )


A mini music entry I guess? They’re the lyrics to 4minute’s ‘Hate’ and I love how raw the lyrics are! I attempted to draw Gayoon but obviously I failed miserably :’)


Just trying to improve my drawing skills XD I was on my last few pages of my journal and had no idea what to write so I made a Harry Potter dedication page to my Ravenclaw queen Luna Lovegood 😎


Last! This was a week before my trip back home and I was sort of reflecting my whole year, what with moving to a new country and school. It’s been hard but definitely a great experience. With that being said, I’m so ready for 2016 to end and have a fresh new start in 2017!

Well, that’s it! I really hope you guys like my entries! As always, thank you for your constant support. You guys mean the world to me! Savour your last few days of the year (..0r not, if you’re like me and you just cannot wait for it to end XD ) Anyways, it’s been such an adventure. Can’t wait to see what 2017 holds for all of us! x


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