I Heart #Bookstagram Tag!♡

Saw this tag over at Nihaad’s (Read & Seek) blog and honestly it looks like such a fun tag to do! Bookstagram was where all my love for books started and I’ve never made a better choice in my life! xD It’s safe to say that I do ❤ Bookstagram loads!

What’s your Instagram handle?

@Bookishsmaug !

How long have you been in the bookstagram community?

2 years and counting ❤

How many people do you follow?


How many followers do you have?


What are your favorite hashtags?

#bookstagram, #bibliophile, #bookworm, #reading

What is your favorite genre of pictures?

I love all kinds, but I really appreciate pictures that look like they were taken on the spot. Not sure why xD They just look messy and sometimes messy is beautiful! Some examples:


credit: @herpickings


credit: @lottelikesbooks


credit: thebookranter

How often do you post?

I try to post once a day! But with school in the way I barely ever have the time to take bookish pictures >.<

How often do you check Instagram?

Everyday! I prefer to scroll through my feed at night because I can’t work social media early in the morning xD

What’s your favorite filter?

HB2 on VSCo ❤

iPhone only, purist or rebel?

Not sure what this question means.. ^^’ I use an iPhone6 to take my pictures? xD

What is the best part about being in this community?

The diversity ❤ It’s soooo lovely to see everyone getting along – no matter what skin, race, gender, values, beliefs, anyone who loves to talk books is welcome! The bookstagram community is such a peaceful place to be in protect it at all cost  and you just can’t help but feel like every bookstagrammer is family to you. Most bookstagrammers out there are like me; shy, introverted and nerdy, so conversing with them online makes our lives simpler and, quite honestly, that much more exciting! We all learn SO much from this community and, seriously, bookstagram means everything to me ❤

What is the worst part about being in this community?

Nothing much to hate about, just those pesky follow for follow/ shoutout for shoutouts *eye roll*

Three favorite IG accounts currently?

@read_and_seek I love Nihaad’s enthusiasm for discovering new books ❤ Makes me want to read all the books in the world!

@hayleelikesbooks Haylee’s pictures are to die for. ❤ She makes bookstagramming look so easy O.o

@bookhoarderproblems I am pretty much obsessed with Zyra’s account. She puts in SO much effort in her pictures. I want her funko pop collection 😮 ❤

Sorry if that was really boring guys xD the questions were fairly straightforward and I didn’t want to babble too much ^^’ I do hope you got to know my bookstagram account better! If you haven’t already have a bookstagram account, what are you waiting for? Go sign up now! There’s a whole new adventure waiting for you on the other side of that door 😉

Cath xx


  1. readandseeksa

    Eeeeep I just saw this and it made me insanely happy!!! I’ve been working full time over the past couple of weeks and I’ve had no time to blog hop 😦 Hopefully it will end soon so that I can catch up with all my favourites! Thank you so much for linking me, I’m thrilled you completed the tag!!

    Your bookstagram is freaking GOALS!! I wish my desk/workspace/space-in-general looked so good! I’d probably stay indoors all day just to absorb the beauty of it all.

    I actually want to start getting some more props to spice up my pictures on bookstagram but I have no idea where to start 😦 Can you share some tips with me? I am a very plain jane and I tend to go for the minimal look, so it kind of overwhelms me when I try to shop for new props…

    Also, I just followed these two accounts and I am already in love! Thanks for sharing them 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    1. bookishsmaug

      Aww you’re such a busy bee! No worries love ❤ I'd be glad to share some tips on my blog sometime soon, but feel free to DM me whenever you like – I'd be happy to help you out in any way I can 🙂


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