Books That Changed My Life

Today I want to share with you guys ten books that, in one way or another, change my life! It could be a small impact or a big one, but either way these books have a special place in my heart.

Dorothy Must Die by: Danielle M. Paige


Dorothy Must Die made me realise that there are High Fantasy books out there in the world that are both fast-paced and entertaining. I think this is probably my very first high fantasy novel, which thus led me to my hate/love relationship for high fantasy books xD

Fallen Too Far by: Abbi Glines


This was my very first New Adult book and ughhh the feels were real. There’s a pattern with how I feel about getting into a new genre. First timers are always super special. I’ve reread this book several times and each time the story just gets better. I think I might reread this again soon. Also, this is probably Glines’ best book (in my opinion). Her books introduced me to the New Adult genre ❤

The Witches by Roald Dahl


This is probably one of the few Dahl books I actually remember reading in my childhood. That’s all, really. I feel like it’s cause I was sick while I read this and really the story was just the perfect companion ❤

Twilight by: Stephanie Meyer


Need I say more? Twilight basically made me a reader. I loved it with all my 12 year old heart.

Anna and The French Kiss by: Stephanie Perkins


My very first contemporary novel! It was absolutely magical ❤ This book got me into reading contemporary books!

Forbidden by: Tabitha Suzuma


This book changed my perspective on incest completely, which is probably really hard to do considering that I read this when I was 15.

I’ll Give You the Sun by: Jandy Nelson


I had my very first glimpse on a gay character and freaking love it. Couldn’t stop thinking of the story ever since.

Cinder by: Marissa Meyer


Cinder taught me that racial discrimination can come in any form, and that we should fight against it no matter what people tell you.

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara


A Little Life taught me that life does not always have a happy ending, and that it still goes on.

Made You Up by: Francesca Zappia


Made You Up taught me that if life decides to mess with you, you learn to fight through it and focus on the positives.

Charlotte’s Web by: E.B. White


Charlotte’s Web taught me that no matter how small you are, you can still change the world.

Cath xx

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