How To Create Content Efficiently and Effectively!

Look out folks – this is going to be a long one! I thought I’d touch on this topic for all the creators out there struggling to come up with content for their own Blog/Instagram/Youtube (or perhaps all three!). I know I for one am always stuck in a rut when coming up with new photos and blogposts. I have my own procedures on coming up with content that I’m going to share with you today, but take them with a grain of salt! Every content creator is different. My process on content creating should lean towards lifestyle/art influencers, but they are still general procedures on creating. So I hope they are somewhat helpful everyone of you, regardless of the creative field you’re in!


Listening To Music While Creating

Music, thought inspiring and motivates you to work sometimes, may not always be helpful when you’re creating. If you’re that person who spends hours looking for music online, trying to find one that fits the creative mood you’re in, don’t bother. You’re wasting so much time doing so! I’ve been doing this for the longest time, finding the right type of song that I can jam to while writing up a blogpost draft or planning. I just end up with no luck and taking off my earphones xD So might as well save that hour right? I always make an excuse for myself to become more productive when I listen to music. But it doesn’t work! Lately I’ve been writing without my earphones on and I can write up two blogpost drafts in less than two hours. Write them. By hand. How tedious, yet efficient is that? Music distracts me so much. I’d rather listen to music while commuting or doing mindless things. But if music does enhance your focus and pushes you to become more productive, then by all means use it to your advantage!!! This tip is for everyone out there who believes that music helps with getting their work done. It’s NOT for everyone. If serves as a distraction instead of motivation.


Take Time To Collect Inspiration

Don’t just sit and wait around for inspiration to come. Often I would be sitting by my desk, staring at my journal and waiting for a new blogpost idea to come up. It won’t come to you naturally. Or at least, it doesn’t always just pop up. Go through your favorite social media platforms, or look up your favorite influencers and see what kind of content they have that you can get inspiration from. Go through Youtube, watch some of your favorite youtubers. Scroll through Instagram posts and stories. Something minor in someone’s picture/video/blogposts can possibly spark some ideas. For example, I am a HUGE fan of Laura’s Blog and Instagram – WhatsHotBlog. I’ve started doing more lifestyle posts and How-To’s/Guides on both my Instagram and Blog because of her. I have a bunch of blogposts and Instagram pictures from a bunch of creators saved as well for future references too. Store all your inspiration!! Do not wait around for ideas to come. Make the effort to look for it!

It’s important to note that you should be following people who inspires you to create more, and not just people whose content you enjoy. I think the reason why Laura is such a huge inspiration to me is because she is also a student, and juggling blogging while also studying. I hope to make blogging my part-time job one day, just like Laura! 


Spend Time In A Place That Inspires/Motivates You

This is an important one! Work where you feel most productive and inspired, and where you are surrounded by people who are working too. This makes you feel like you’re not alone, and you’ll be somewhat pressure to do what it is that has to be done. Whether it be a coffee shop, the library, or even at home, it’s good to surround yourself with things/people that not only make you feel inspired, but pushes you to do some work.

If you choose to work at home, make sure that your workspace is clean at all times!! I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep a tidy working area. If where you’re working at is cluttered, your hands will be itching to put something back to where it belongs or you’ll just want to sort all your items out instead of creating. It’s very distracting. Clean before you work!


ACTUALLY Coming Up With Content 

Do something interesting. Whether it be boring, common, or scary! Go to a festival, have a day out with your friends/family, do some chores, homework, cook a meal, buy something new, do something you’ve never done before. Read a book! Watch a movie! Think of something that intrigues or interests you, something you’d want to explore (and also what you and other people might find fun to document/watch). And make sure you document everything. When it comes to lifestyle content, anything you do with your life serves as content. It’s just how you showcase it that will attract an audience (for example, Youtubers whose videos only revolve around school, doing homework, being productive have not only been beneficial and helpful for so many people, they are therapeutic and fun to watch too)!


Take A Break Once In A While

Sometimes when you’ve gotten all your content creating gear set-up (laptop, notebook, pen, paper, phone, camera, anything that you use to create content) but find yourself feeling low and tired after working for a few minutes, you might as well listen to your body and get that rest. It is completely understandable to not want to always create content. We all go through that phase, even if you are doing what you love. You need to give in 100% every single time you create content, which can be mentally and physically draining. Creating can be a lot like homework for me at times. It can be such a chore, especially when your ‘number’ in social media is something you take very personally. It’s like being a student in university. Your grades matter a lot to you, and you want to do the best that you can. But there will be times where you will procrastinate, miss a deadline, stay in bed instead of going to your lectures, it happens. and that’s okay. Self-care is so much more important. What’s the point of creating when you’re not fully yourself? Take the time to rejuvenate. Only then will you be able to create with ease. A creator often feels bad for their audience who expects new content each week (or each day even), but your lack of motivation and effort in creating WILL show in the videos and pictures you take. Do NOT just do it for the numbers and the audience. Do it for yourself. Creating mindless content might be quick and easy, but it is not going to be effective in the long run, for both you and your audience. This has happened to me so many times. I have tons of pictures archived on my Instagram because of how forced/ugly they turned out. Posting these kind of content just makes me feel terrible at the end, because I wasted my time taking those pictures only to have it archived. It’s just pointless.

Moral of the story, always create something amazing not just for everyone to admire, but for yourself to be proud of. You can only achieve this when you put yourself first, not your numbers. You have to be your own inspiration before inspiring others.


Cath xx


  1. a.n.g.

    Great tips! I usually don’t do music for that reason, unless it’s a long symphony. Or I’ll put something short than once it’s over I don’t even notice because then I’m already absorbed in what I’m creating. But recently I’ve been going to more often where I’ve bookmarked some playlists that have someone typing or a pen scratching in the background because I’ve noticed that when I hear the sound of someone else writing, even just subconsciously, it tends to help me keep working and keeps the ideas and creation process going? My surroundings looking immaculate doesn’t have much effect on me though. I think that’s because once I get started, I get sucked into what I’m doing. I grew up with a lot of younger siblings so I guess I’m used to ignoring the chaos around me. XD Love this post!


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